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An Introduction To Form Vibes Pro!

It gives us immense happiness in this new beginning of  2021 to announce that we have rolled out the Pro version of From Vibes.  The Form Vibes Pro is here to provide you with more advanced functionalities and features.

Form Vibes History  

Form Vibes came into existence back in the year 2019 as a small utility plugin. Since its launch, we are getting tremendous Positive Responses from its users, which has always motivated us to think bigger and brighter. Our users frequently keep on showering us with requests and suggestions for new ideas and features, which we loved the most.

This appreciation and love that Form Vibes has received have motivated us to take a leap and strike ahead with the Pro version with enhanced functionality and features.  

Development journey 

We started planning about the Pro version in early 2020. Soon after the project was initiated, the world was dealing with the Corona pandemic, which affected our work culture and forced us to adapt to the work from home lifestyle. However, this hindrance could not stop us from giving our best; our team started coordinating with each other remotely and worked towards achieving its goal.

To provide you with a better code structure, we have rewritten the entire Form Vibes code in React. Avoiding any chances of errors in the final stages, we carried the testing phase on the bulk data so that we are ready if there is a slight possibility of rectification. Once everything was sorted, we started the UI and Database optimization process. And yes, finally, all things were executed as per plan, and in January 2021, we were ready with the initial release of Form Vibes Pro.

What’s in Form Vibes Pro 

In the Pro version, we have tried to provide you with more enhanced functionality and features. Some of the key features covered are:

Enhanced Export Process:  

The process of exporting submissions is more robust and gives the user more control and depth. With our new feature Export Profiles, you can download all your data in CSV files. It allows you to filter out the submission and to select the fields that you want to export.

Form Vibes Pro - Export Profile

Front End Display of Submissions   

This feature allows you to display the form submissions on the front end.  You can use a Shortcode or an Elementor widget to display submissions in tabular format,  making it easier for the user to make an analysis.

Form Vibes submissions

User Role manager  

Using the Role Manager feature, you can exactly decide which User Roles has access to the Form Vibes. With access controls, you can easily lend specific access permissions to other users.

Form Vibes - Role Manager

Check out the complete documentation on Form Vibes Pro features

And of course our priority support (we are proud of it… )  

Our team is always ready to help you if you feel stuck in between or have any queries regarding any features. We will try our best to resolve your concerns and support you.

No, we are not stopping here; there are still numerous ideas in our pipeline that we will be rolling out soon. If you have any ideas or suggestions, share them with us, and help us make Form Vibes better…

 Need Any Help Do Contact Us 

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