Connect your forms with Google Sheet in 3 steps

June 30, 2022Tutorial

Have you ever got into a situation where you want someone to have access to form submissions of your WordPress website but don’t want them to access WordPress admin? 

One way is to save your form submissions to Google Sheets which you can share with anyone. 

But how to do this??

Form Vibes Pro allows you to connect with your google sheet and save all your form submissions there. In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect Form Vibes with Google sheet and configure it to save submissions. 

Step 1: Generate Google Client ID and Client Secret

These steps can be confusing or tedious if you are dealing with Google Cloud Console for the first time. Therefore, we have created a separate document explaining how to do this. Follow all steps carefully.

Step 2: Authenticate with Google

Once you have created Google Client ID and Client Secret, it’s time to use them.

Inside your WordPress admin, go to Form Vibes → Settings → Google Sheet

Enter the Google Client Id and Client Secret and click on Authenticate button. You will be redirected to Google and asked to log in with your Google account (if not already logged in). Make sure to log in with the account under which you want to have a sheet to save submissions.

In case you get such an error screen, don’t worry. It is just because the app you have created in the Google Cloud console is not yet verified. Just click on Advanced and proceed.

gapp verify error

On the next screen, you will be asked to approve some permission. Check them all and complete the process.
After this, your site is connected with your Google sheet account. 

Step 3: Create an Export Profile

Go to Form Vibes Export Profile inside your WordPress admin.

Select Type as Google Sheet.

Next, select the form you want to send to Google Sheets.

Now you will need to select the Spreadsheet. If you have a Spreadsheet already created under your connected Google account, just type the name, and it will show you the option to choose.

If you have not yet created the Spreadsheet, you can do it directly from here by clicking on the plus (+) icon next to the dropdown.

Within each Google Sheet, there can be multiple worksheets. Choose the existing one from the dropdown or create a new one by clicking on the (+) icon after the worksheet dropdown.

If the selected worksheet doesn’t have column headers, it will prompt you with a message.

Select Google sheet and worksheet

Either manually create the columns matching your form fields in the worksheet or click on “Click Here” for automated header creation.

In auto mode, a popup will appear. On the left is the list of all the fields from the selected form. And on the right, you have column labels. Of course, you can alter these labels if you want.

If you don’t want all the data to be added to the Google sheet, just uncheck that field name.

create sheet columns

Data Filters

If you want only submissions that match specific criteria to be submitted to Google Sheets, then you can define your rule under the Data Filters section. 

Column Mapping

If you have used auto-column creation in the sheet, you might need to change anything here. But if you have columns already in your worksheet, then you can match them here with the form fields.

Now publish the data profile and done. All your upcoming submissions will be automatically added to the selected Worksheet.  


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