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How To Save Elementor Form Submissions In Database?

Elementor Pro comes with a robust Form widget that allows you to create fully functional and responsive forms for your WordPress websites. The Form widget also sends an email on form submissions, but it lacks the ability to handle form submissions. This means that if you want to save Elementor form submissions in the database, you need to find an additional solution.

So, if you are looking for one of these solutions, then look no further than Form Vibes. It’s a powerful and highly customizable submission manager plugin that easily saves forms submissions in the WordPress database.

With Form Vibes, you don’t have to worry about losing valuable leads or sales opportunities because of lost contact information. When the user submits the form, all of their information is immediately captured and stored automatically in the database. You may later access and manage the recorded submissions from the Form Vibes Submission page.

What is Form Vibes?

Form Vibes is a simple plug & play plugin to save Elementor form submissions into a database. Once you install it on your WordPress website, no other configurations are needed. It works as a submissions manager for your form builder plugins like Elementor Pro, Contact Form 7, and Caldera Form. It also comes with the Analytics feature to track the performance of the forms.

Installing Form Vibes

The first thing you’ll want to do is install the From Vibes plugin. Once installed, be sure to click the Activate button. And that’s it all the leads that your Elementor Form will be capture will be saved directly in DB.

If you don’t you how to set up the Elementor form, you can go through this tutorial: How To Configure Elementor Form To Capture Leads?


Basic Features:

Form Vibes provides many unique features where you can easily manage your saved submissions on the front-end.

1. Managing Submissions

To start managing your Elementor forms submissions, go to Form Vibes -> Submissions. Form Vibes automatically detects all forms on your WordPress site. You need to select the Elementor form whose submissions you want to manage from the dropdown menu on the action bar.

Save Elementor Form Submissions

Using the Date Range filter, you can filter the form submissions based on a Monthly, weekly, or yearly. You can also select a custom date for a specific period.

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2. Exporting Form Submissions

You can export all your data submissions in a separate downloadable file. To export form submissions into a CSV file, select the submissions you want to export, then click on the Quick Export option on the action bar.

Save Elementor Form Submissions 1

Checkout: Creating Export Profiles for saved form submissions.

3. Deleting Form Submissions 

To delete specific form submissions, click on the Delete option from the Select Action drop-down menu. In addition, you can delete individual or multiple records.

Elementor Form 1

4. Field Visibility

Sometimes, some fields in the form are not important for analysis, as the IP address, etc. So with From Vibes, you can easily manage the visibility of such fields on the submission table.

Clicking on the Eye icon on the action bar to set the visibility of the form field. You can also adjust the arrangement of the fields accordingly. Click on the field name to change the custom field names and slugs.

Elementor Form 2

5. View Analytics

Form Vibes allows you to track the performance of your Elementor contact form using Form Analytics. Analytics reports are generated in a graphical chart depicting the entire details of the lead generated by the Elementor form for a particular selected interval. You can change the chart type from the bar to a line chart.

Elementor Form 3

6. Add Dashboard Widget

You can add a dashboard widget to your WordPress Admin dashboard screen to have a quick view of the stats of the leads captured through the Elementor form.

Elementor Form 4

Advanced Features

The Form Vibes Pro provides you with some advanced functionalities and features to manage your form submissions. Some of the key features covered are:

  1. User Role Manager
  2. Front End Display of Submissions
  3. Editing Captured Submissions
  4. Advanced Export Process
  5. Custom Notes

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